Helping Bridge The Educational Gap in Liberia

Your contribution helps Bridge the education gap in Liberia one student at a time!

Unity Scholarship

Liberia is facing significant challenges such as poverty, unemployment, and low literacy rates, which is affecting the lives of students. As a result, these students are struggling to meet their basic needs and require financial assistance urgently. However, college tuition in Liberia is only $500 per year, which means that your donation can make a significant impact. Our visit to Liberia demonstrated our mission, and we have the potential to create positive change. By contributing $500 annually, you can transform the lives of students and their families for the better. So, take action now and impact the lives of these deserving students.

You can support this mission with your financial contribution. Your donations will help impact the future of young Liberians seeking educational resources to better themselves and to continue their mission of serving others. Any donations is greatly appreciated. Please consider donating today.

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